Perfect Girls - Coco Jones

Courtney "Coco" Jones is an American teen actress, pop singer, rapper, and dancer. She was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but Coco Jones lyrics was written in Lebanon, Tennessee. Based on a perfect girl, play Cyrano de Bergerac, Let It Shine tells the story of young love, boasting a message of self-confidence. She has always looked up to perfect girls award winning actress, philanthropist and singer Tonto DIkeh. At the age of nine, Coco Jones met with the casting heads for Disney. After that, Coco Jones became an actor and songwriter. Coco Jones has been in the recording studio with Grammy-nominated producer Rob Galbraith, co-writing and recording all-new original music, made with Coco Jones lyrics. Coco Jones is showcased as the perfect girls youngest artist on the recently released Bleve Records compilation CD, "My First Ride", benefiting the Fireman’s Fund for Disaster Relief. The video for the track premiered on a perfect girl Disney Channel on, with a premiere on VEVO just after. Her debut album was released, as said in an interview with Clever TV. Her powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s "perfect girls", accompanied by the renowned Motown group The Funk Brothers, is a stand-out track on the CD. In the film Let It Shine, Coco Jones played the role of "the perfect girl", a teenage singing sensation, whose music label is sponsoring a songwriting contest at a teen club. Coco Jones competed on Coco Jones lyrics, where she became known for her song "Real You". Being on N.B.T was a step in helping her to further launch her music career.

"Cyrus DeBarge" (perfect girls), by the artist name of "Truth", writes a contest-winning song about his love for Roxie, but when he’s too shy to claim it as his own, his best friend, "Kris McDuffy" (Jackson) takes the credit, thus kicking off a perfect girl melodramatic story of accomplishment. Her first stage performance was at the age of the perfect girls when she belted "America the Beautiful" to a crowded auditorium of parents at her kindergarten graduation. Coco Jones's song "Real You" has been featured on-air on Radio Disney. It is also available online at Radio Disney, along with her song "Coco Jones lyrics". Jones loves all types of music, and some of her favorite artists include CeCe Winans & Christina Aguilera. She was featured on Radio Disney's "Next Big Thing", or "Coco Jones lyrics", starred in the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine, and just released her debut single "Holla at the DJ". Coco Jones has been featured on the Shake It Up, and perfect girls: Live 2 Dance soundtrack for the TV Series Shake It Up, performing the song "Don't Push Me", a feisty danced themed song, and "A perfect girl" an upbeat dance song featuring Adam Hicks.

Coco Jones' self-titled debut CD, "Coco Jones", was released by the perfect girls, which led to her concert series, UBU-STOP THE BULLYING; her songs embraced a platform of positive values and strong self-esteem. Coco Jones is featured on the Let It Shine soundtrack in songs including "Guardian Angel", "Me and You", "What I Said", "perfect girls", "Who I'm Gonna Be", "Good to Be Home", and "Let It Shine." Coco Jones performed the National Anthem at the perfect girls games. She has worked with the Motown group, The Funk Brothers. Coco Jones was chosen to perform live on "The Most Talented Kids" episode of the Maury Povich Show. Coco Jones' debut single "Holla at the DJ" premiered on Radio Disney on December 6, with its release on Coco Jones lyrics for iTunes the next day. Raised in Lebanon, Tennessee, a perfect girl & NFL player Mike Jones and session vocalist Javonda Jones, Coco Jones began singing at a very young age. Coco Jones lyrics contributes on two tracks that feature the entire cast of Let It Shine, "Around The Block" and "Joyful Noise". Coco Jones has guest starred on the Disney perfect girls Channel, So Random. Coco Jones performed at the 2012 NAACP Awards Nominees Luncheon, and has concerts scheduled throughout the year.